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Grilling Tips - Turkey

Clean, Dry, Stuff Turkey and place in roasting pan
Turkey - Step 1

Cover turkey with JD Poultry Spice – if you have an injector, inject with butter, heat over to 325 cover with Tin Foil - loosely
Turkey - Step 2

1. Mix JD’s Poultry Spice with the butter and after an 3 hours of cooking baste with mixture
Turkey - Step 3

Baste every 45 minutes until done
Turkey - Step 4

It is looking good now – should take approx. 5 ½ hours at 325
Turkey - Step 5

Check internal temperature making sure the thermometer does not touch bone when inserting. You will want internal temp to be 180 degrees
Turkey - Step 6

Let sit for 20 minutes then remove stuffing and CarveTurkey and serve
Turkey - Step 7


Turkey - Step 8


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