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Teams using Backwoods Smokers have won all the major competitions, Memphis in May, the American Royal, and the Jack Daniels Invitational.

The Chubby BBQ Smoker

The Chubby

Let the Backwoods Chubby do the dirty work!

The Party BBQ Smoker

The Party

Some call the Party "The Perfect Cooker!"

The Fat Boy BBQ Smoker

The Fat Boy

There ain't Nothin' wrong with bein FAT!

The Competitor BBQ Smoker

The Competitor

The Competitor, the perfect cooker model for smoking the competition!

Piglet BBQ Smoker

The Piglet

This Little Piggy Wants to Go to the Royal!

The Pro Junior BBQ Smoker

The Pro Junior

A Chip off the ol' Block!

The Professional BBQ Smoker


Sometimes you need to call in a Professional!

The Competition Hog BBQ Smoker

The Comp Hog

Created for a team of chefs to smoke a whole hog!

The Whole Hog BBQ Smoker

The Whole Hog

This is the REAL Boss Hog!


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